Geo Therma-mass Floor

Old Barn Renovation

Owners brief. Steve, could you fix up the old barn so as I can hang some local art work and entertain a few of my mates around an open fire.

Originally built sometime in the 1920’s, the old barn on this working cattle property had seen better days and was badly in need of repair. We wanted to refurbish this lovely old barn without detracting from its character.
The locally cut support posts and timber wall slabs were totally rotted away in places. Remedial work was required to save this lovely old building! My team of four carpenters and I underpinned the support posts where needed, and added extra support to rotted posts. New split slabs were sourced and cut from the property in the same manner as they would have been cut and split all those years ago. The original wall slabs were then all removed and reshaped before being repositioned back into the wall to obtain a more weatherproof wall lining.

A new, rustic style, kiln dried, hardwood floor was laid over the existing concrete slab that had been laid some 12 years earlier. The large open fireplace was bricked up and then clad with 80 year old, galvanized corrugated iron. The shape of the chimney is modeled from some of the cattlemen’s huts local to the area. An old horse drawn dray has been utilized to create an outdoor viewing deck that also doubles as the entrance into the barn. The bar was constructed using old rusted iron and is topped with a beautiful slab of local Redgum timber, kindly donated by “Snags” (a friend and local patron). Some furnishings and a few old relics from around the property are placed around and alongside local art to complete this now very inviting retreat.

Word has it that on the opening night of the barn retreat pre-dinner drinks went on until 2.30am!